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It’s time for YO-YO test for IPL team players to prove their fitness: IPL 2018

The 11th edition of IPL will be witnessing all the international format evaluation and norms from DRS (Decision Review system) to ban of Aussies Cricketers and now fitness test. YO-YO fitness test was made mandatory by BCCI last year and it got lots of publicity when Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina unable to achieve the desired point to get into Indian Team. Out of 8 teams, 4 teams opted to conduct fitness forbearance test where players need to cover each level of the examination within 14.5 seconds. Earlier after the auction of RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) got over, Kholi insisted Franchise owner conduct YO-YO fitness test for the players who were being auctioned.



Mumbai Indians who are ready to take on Chennai Super King on 7th April as an opening match conducted fitness test for its players at a ground outskirts to Mumbai whereas other IPL teams such as Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals also made up schedule for their players to encroach fitness test.  Other IPL teams SunRisers Hyderabad, Kolkata Knight Riders, Delhi Daredevils and Chennai Super Kings are yet to adopt endurance test.



“The teams now want their players to match up to the standards adopted by international teams around the world. India now has made the yo-yo test mandatory, so it’s natural to see some of the IPL teams follow suit. It’s good to see where each player stands in terms of their fitness levels how much work the support staff needs to put in behind the scenes with them,” said one member of an IPL team.



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What is YO-YO Test?

As its name suggests YO-YO means variation from one place to another similarly it’s a test where players being tested as per their endurance level. It measures an individual ability to perform repeat running session at a regular interval of time. Prior to the endurance test, Cricketers need to undergo beep test which focuses on continuous running in front as well as backward direction.




How does YO-YO work?

The cones are placed in two parallel lines with a distance of 20m gap in between these two marked lines.  Starting behind the 5m marker, the participant begins running 20m towards the final marker when instructed by the automatic audio track.



Upon reaching the marker (and hearing a beep), the participant needs to return back to the starting marker before the next beep. After completion of the task, the software has connected this records each player performances and generate results.



Duration to complete

As per the level 1 and level 2 attached to this test, generally, bit takes half an hour to complete the whole test to prove fitness. In case someone wants to withstand the whole test they need to be fitter than Spiddy.



Passing Mark of YO-YO test

It depends on team players are going against and condition where they need to play, but on average people need to complete 16 as a basic score. Australian players on average reach 21 points mark when it comes to endurance. In Case of Indian team Virat Kohli, Ravindra Jadeja and Manish Pandey reached the mark of 21 scores while other player’s touches 19.5 in YO-YO test.



Former Indian Team skipper MS Dhoni shared on Instagram about the speed of completing the test. Dhoni completed the run-a-three race in 8.30 seconds. It took Dhoni  2.92 seconds to complete 20-meter race.



Chief selector MSK Prasad made it clear last year that fitness standard is non-negotiable when it comes to playing for Indian team seeing changing circumstances of the game. In fact, many times Virat Kholi shared his fitness strategy on Twitter and Instagram emphasizing how game dynamics is demanding.