Indian Coach Bestowed Piles of Praises on Indian Skipper- Kohli Equivalent to Imran

Indian Coach Bestowed Piles of Praises on Indian Skipper- Kohli Equivalent to Imran 2

There is no second doubt in anyone mind how Men in Blue performed in South Africa by winning a test and limited over series. In this whole tour to South Africa which is always known for its fast-track pitch, Team India under the leadership of Kohli made the whole game on its toe.


Prior to Nidahas series against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh Indian coach Ravi Shastri found to be in great zeal and bestowed piles of appreciation on Cheeku. Virat who seem to be riding high on his career by raising the temperature of cricket fans with every match with his bat scored 558 runs in the bilateral match.


An aggressive right-hand batsman scored 558 runs which made him the first batsman in the history to do so in the bilateral tour and that too against Proteas. Above that, he is ranking at no.1 spot in ICC Batsman ranking.



Ravi Shastri on answering the question related to Kohli compared him with Pakistani cricketer Imran khan. Imran khan who led Pakistan to win 1992 cup under his captaincy was known for his domination and competence to win every matches. Shastri who played in 1992 world cup remarked on similarity between veteran Pakistani cricketer and run machine Kohli said “Just the ability to always want to dominate, want to compete, irrespective of whatever conditions you get, believe that you can do it and when you have that kind of quality it spreads among the other players as well. And that was very similar to the way Imran led.”



Indian skipper who looked into great shape this calendar year looking at his past six matches he scored three century and two fifty. Kohli who always known for its aggressive take on field which attracted many comments from former cricketers advised him to calm down a bit.


Putting all these suggestion and advises Shastri said “My only advice to them is to mind their own business. I will keep it very simple. Whoever is saying that, mind your own business. Let us get on with our job.”


Further adding on India Coach during an interview said “I think he is absolutely fine. If there was a problem, the umpires are there. The match-referee is there to sort it out. What are they there for? He is hardly been called by the match-referee for going over the top in his career. So where is the problem?”


With such a confidence on his mentorship, Ravi Shastri who played 80 tests and 150 ODI seem to be not in mood to pay heed to anyone advice.





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